About Us

About Katherleen
Since its establishment in 2014, the Katherleen brand has gone through 5 years. Besides handbags, the main products are crossbody bags, wallets, backpacks, jewelry and so on. The exquisite design and collocation of Katherleen’s bags show the ingenious effect of finishing the painting. Katherleen’s exquiste texture and workmanship make it easy to wear and match. Katherleen’s bags show a meaningful classical style. Excellent style and classical craftsman style and Katherleen’s important characteristics. This also explains why Katherleen has always been popular.
Why We Named Katherleen
Katherleen stands for fashion and trends, is the industry leader, but also the vane of the market. Katherleen represents infinite creativity, it constantly taps the charm of women, so that every woman has the right to beauty. We don't pursue luxury, but we pursue better quality. Since its birth, the brand has been developing continuously, and has gradually grown from a single store to a well-known brand.
Brand Slogan:  A bag in hand, charm immediately
Bags are not only valuable of use, but also an excellent weapon to decorate women.
Brand Mission

We always adhere to the idea of making every ordinary person beautiful, and strive to make every ordinary person in the world has the idea of pursuing beauty. Sine the birth of the brand, the continuous development has gradually grown from a single store a well-known brand.

Brand Vision
We work hard in quality, five years to maintain ultra-high quality and strive to become a world-class bag brand, for thousands of households to bring beauty.