The Most Common Scratch Problem of The Genuine Leather Bag

One has one’s own story and has something to attract her. So what attracts women the most? I think it is the bag because it’s given second life to women. The bag also has its own soul, telling its own story and showing its owner’s fragrance. And genuine leather bags are to receive a lot of women’s heart. Many people will choose to buy genuine leather cross-body bags and genuine leather shoulder bags.

In recent years, genuine leather tote bags have also opened up a market with its practicality and simple style. Because of their durability, many families choose genuine leather diaper bags. It can be said that the real leather bag to meet every need. In terms of aesthetic modeling, the public’s eye is well trained, however not much is known about the genuine leather bag.

As we all know, true leather bags are made from animal leather . Wear-resisting and tenacity of real leather bags are good. And the leather bags are also very vogue. So the genuine leather bag is favored by consumers all the time. People can match it but they are not able to maintain certainly. If the real leather bag is not properly maintained, it is very hard to make the best use of its value. If the leather bag at a high price is scratched several times, I believe no matter who will be very uncomfortable. Today, I'm going to talk about the most common scratch problem.


Why are there scratches on the genuine leather bag?

Leather bag is made of animal skin processing, with great vulnerability, because its surface has a smooth coating, so even if the very slight external force, compared with other leather bags material leather bags will be more likely to produce obvious scratches.Leather bags are soft and are prone to scratches when touched by sharp, solid objects. So that in daily life, many consumers will accidentally scratch their own genuine leather cross-body bags and genuine leather shoulder bags.

 How does the genuine leather bag avoid Nick?

  1. The contents of a genuine leather bag should be soft or slippery.Do not put some sharp objects, such as keys and other items, as soon as possible with a small cloth package, and then into a leather bag inside better.
  2. The care of genuine leather bag must be careful.One suggestion is that you can buy some professional leather bag oil and take care of your leather bag. It is recommended to use it every other month or so. If you don’t carry your bag for a while, it is recommended to leave three months to wipe with leather bag oil.

How to solve the scratch on the genuine leather bag?

  1. For large scratches, remove the stain from the scar first, then use leather repair paste to smooth the scratches. 2 days after filling, apply the same colour leather dye to the scratched area of the bag.Brush on leather furniture brightening agent after a little dry, wipe with soft cloth again next, let leather furniture brightening agent (curing wax) into the cortex. The sign of wear and tear would disappear.
  2. For small scratches, remove the besmirch of scar place with towel, choose the wax pen with the same color as cortex, besmear in the place that bag scratches, hit again on paraffin, throw light with soft cloth next, let paraffin infiltrate in cortex.
  3. Apply a crayon to the worn part of the bag and wipe it gently so that the wax can seep into the leather. After a while the signs of wear and tear were almost gone and the effect was obvious.
  4. If there are scratches on the surface of the real leather bag, you can use a piece of yellow wax in the scratches gently daub, so that the yellow wax covered the marks.A smooth piece of bamboo is pushed back and forth several times over the yellow wax marks to make the skin shine again.Until you feel it a smooth place, then take a piece of soft cloth slightly wet wipe five times, you can eliminate the scratch.Mix with brown shoe polish and egg white at 1:1, dip a soft cloth in the material and wipe the scratches, leave for half an hour and then wipe with a clean soft cloth.
  5. Try to use wind-oil essence additionally, wind-oil essence also can cover up Nick on certain level.First, find a clean paper towel, and then drop the essence on the paper.After using a paper towel to gently wipe the scratch on the surface of thebag, generally the scratch will reduce some.
  6. Must bear in mind that dermis can not be washed with water, need to wipe with wet cloth, add a little fresh milk. After you finish cleaning the bag will become bright and soft. Please do not worry about color drop, because light rub will not drop color.
  7. In addition, a lot of girls' makeup bags often contain nail polish remover, which can also help to cover up scratches on leather bags to some extent. The first step is to find a clean paper towel and drizzle the remover on the paper towel. Then wipe the bag back and forth with a paper towel, usually you just wipe three or five scratches basically no more.

Note: If the bag is badly cut, it is recommended not to repair it by yourself, but to send it to a professional leather clothing, leather goods nursing shop, or professional laundry, or a shop that repairs leather shoes as soon as possible. If you buy the genuine leather bags online, you can consult the after-sales service. Under normal circumstances, professional leather repair division can use professional technology and tools to desalinate the scratches, and will repair the damage color repair its color, so that bags become as new as before. Professional repair and maintenance can help you solve the problem.