How to distinguish a bag made of real snakeskin?

One of the most sought after materials in the world is genuine python snakeskin leather. Designed for accessories and leather goods, it transforms everyday products into unique fashion accessories.

But then, how do you know if your python bag is made of real snakeskin? Like any valuable purchase, you must be careful. It can happen that these bags are imitations.

In this article, find some tips to help you navigate the world of luxury leather, and to distinguish an authentic product from a fake. It's simple when you know where to look, believe us!

Texture, texture, and more texture

Real snake leather is one of the most richly textured leathers in the world, which is why it is very difficult to replicate the texture of real snake skin. Indeed, the snake skin is rough to the touch.

Some counterfeits are based on an embossing process which literally involves hot pressing patterns in a base leather to give it the appearance of another texture. But hot pressing is by nature a two-dimensional process, which can only reproduce patterns up or down in basic leather.

Genuine snake leather, on the other hand, is three-dimensional, every single scale will lift or bend when you push your finger against the scale. It is impossible for the embossing effect to create this three-dimensionality, which means that if the scales do not lift, it is not a real python.

Always think about the cut of your skin

There are two ways to cut real snake skin. One is the "belly cut", which places the largest line of scales in the center of the product, so the remaining scales gradually decrease from the heart. The other is the "side cut", which focuses exclusively on the small scales on each side of the central belly cut.

It is important to know these two variants because any alternative to these means that it is a bad attempt at imitation, you will not find a snakeskin bag with another configuration.

Look at the pattern of your snake skin

A real python leather bag is inimitable in its beauty. Each snakeskin handbag has its own design. Fake snake leather bags tend to have recurring patterns while genuine ones have imperfect patterns. Indeed, all snakes have a naturally imperfect skin.

Price is also an indicator to take into account

Genuine python bags are priced higher than imitation leather handbags. The real python skin handbag should cost at least 300 euros.

In our online store of python accessories we promise to sell only authentic products. Also note that all the python products in our collection are braided and assembled by hand in Bali, in a family workshop according to the rules of the art.

In conclusion

All these tips should help you find the different pitfalls of python, whether for your first snakeskin purchase or for your next purchase! Discover our collections of bags and accessories in real skin in our eshop or on Instagram.