Caring Tips For Genuine Leather Handbags

Genuine leather handbag is an exceptional and universally cherished object, valued by both the sexes. They are more costly than the fabric bags. Good quality leather bags can preserve their shape for years if taken care of properly. Appropriate care prevents the leather from cracking and drying out, and also safeguards it from too much of the moisture that can cause the skin to mildew or swell.

This content piece will guide you through the tips to make sure your investment last long and stay soft, reliable for years to come.

1. Store them at proper place:  Store genuine leather handbag properly when not in use. They should be stored in a closet or other area with low humidity and good airflow. It should be kept at a place away from direct sunlight, as it can fade and dry out the leather. High humidity can rot the leather luggage.

2. Protect your bag:  Guard it against accidental stains with a leather protectant. You can buy them from a drugstore or shoe repair shop.

3. Clean them:  These handbags are susceptible to gripping of oils and greases. Wipe the surface with a damp white cotton cloth, but stay cautious in using too much of the water, because leather takes time to dry. Then apply a cleaner in a circular motion and wiped it off with a damp cloth. Soap should be applied only once or twice a year. At last, moisturize it with a leather conditioner to keep it supple. Some cobblers care for bags too, so you can visit the one providing this service.

4. Soften the leather with your hand:  A bag generally become buttery-soft on its own, but this process can be sped up. Lay it on a flat surface and, start rolling it from the bottom to top. Re-roll it from different side of the tote. After this, you can turn it inside out and start rolling again.

5. Resist the desire to treat stains:  Carrying your favorite bag all the time and everywhere can pose it to accidental stains like tint from grass, grease from food items, leakage from an ink pen, falling of wine, etc. Leather specialist can help you remove such stains without ruining the leather.

6. Waterproof them:  By spraying water-repellent protective spray on the genuine leather handbag, you can carry them along with you in rain or high humidity. Although leather bags are already protected with such layers during the manufacturing process, but this additional protection will help prevent water spots and stains.

A fresh piece of bag has its own allure, but there can nothing be better than the nice familiarity of the one you had for years. But like any long-standing love affair, a little tender loving care is required. Follow the aforementioned tips to safeguard your expensive possession for very long.

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