Are You a Handbag Shopaholic?

In the world of fashion a lot of thought, time and devotion can go into the process of selecting a handbag. Handbags have been used for years and you can bet that every woman has more than a few handbags in her collection. Women seem to believe, you just can't have too many. Therefore, some people are handbag shopaholics. The need for new handbags is compare to an addiction of some sort. You need them, you want them, and you got to have them. Well include me in; you can never have too many handbags.

Styles of handbags constantly change. Selecting the right handbag to compliment your outfit is the hard part. You change styles of clothing therefore; you must also change handbag styles. There are so many styles of handbags to own. There are bags to use when you are dressed up, and others to use when running errands. Large handbags that can fit all your worldly possessions and then some, and small conservative handbags that hold what jest enough. Tiny handbags are great for an evening dinner; they are just big enough for lipstick, ID and keys. Colorful and glamorous or black sophisticated leather, many choices, and for today's world, women must have some of each.


Owning a designer handbag is like owning a designer gown however can be worn everyday and you will get use out of them. Once you have one, you must have more. A closet full of handbags is not a downfall, but a great accessory to everyday life.

Now the price, owning a multitude of handbags can get expensive, however, think of it as an investment. A new handbag can make an outfit look stunning. Accessorizing with handbags can give you a different look each time depending on your choice of handbag. You do not want to go out for the evening with that boring office purse, do you? Instead of spending hundreds on handbags month after month, try to limit how many you buy throughout the year. Invest in a handbag that will give you many different uses and will stay in style. Thank heavens for the internet, you can even rent a designer bag, and change it each month. This is a great way to stay in style and still save money.

Be glamorous, change handbags. Women can never have too many handbags, you only need to organize them, and control the urge to buy when you really can't afford to. Being a handbag shopaholic does not have to be a bad habit, only when beautiful handbags sit in your closet and do not get used are they a bad idea. Use your handbags to accessorize, switch bags daily to give you a fresh look, use them often and you will be reminded why you bought them in the first place. Nothing can brighten up your day like the purchase of a new handbag

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